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Great Display and Storage Ideas for Science and Technology Centres Nov. 26, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

PHOTO of Hands On Minds On Biodiversity Ontario Science and Technology

Wondering how to display and store your Hands On, Minds On Science and Technology Centres?
My friend Tina sent me some great pictures of how she set up the Biodiversity ...

GET ORGANIZED FOR BACK TO SCHOOL Aug. 24, 2018, 7:54 p.m.

 Back to School Survival Kits for Students and Teachers from Teaching Is A Gift

I am convinced that EVERY teacher needs the new 31Gifts Creative Caddy! Look at how much 
it will hold!  Jen from Organizing Dreamer 
and I have put back a HUGE ...

Back To School Bonus Sale Giveaway Aug. 20, 2018, 2:54 p.m.

Just a quick giveaway to help all our teacher friends start to think about getting ready to go back!  
Be sure to enter for a chance to win $20 in ...

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